We kicked off our 2-year celebration of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation on October 30, 2016, the day we acknowledged Reformation 499! After a lovely service we watched a video of President Harrison’s welcome to Reformation 500, then celebrated the day with a potluck lunch and presentation of plans to celebrate this 500th anniversary.

Highlights of the presentation included the introduction of our new education center, Creedal Corner, intended to provide Lutheran Christian Resources. Creedal Corner is a resource center of Concordia Publishing House (CPH).

We shared our 2-year Bible Reading Program with the congregation, and hope many others will join us! The Bible Reading Plan is available at Creedal Corner, and also through the Document Library of our website. An online forum to post questions and comments related to the Bible Reading Program was created and is available to facilitate our understanding of the scriptures.

Overall, our Reformation Kick-Off for the 500th anniversary was a blessed time and hopefully will prove quite fruitful to the body of Christ at Bethlehem and our surrounding community!

Reformation 2017Reformation Celebration Service #1

Our first Reformation Celebration Service, commemorating Luther’s birth, was held on November 13, 2016. Afterward we served Birthday cake celebrating his 533rd birthday!

Our service was taken from lutheranreformation.org and a special banner was made for the occasion. Visit our online sermon archive, from November 13. To give us some historical background regarding that time in history, we also included a bulletin insert about Luther’s birth.