Reformation 2017 is just around the corner! It will be 500 years since Martin Luther nailed the 95 thesis to the church door in Wittenberg, Germany. This writing that went “viral” back then changed the world—Jesus’ sacrifice came to light offering hope to people. 499 years later, TODAY, it’s STILL all about Jesus. Which is why as Lutheran Christians we have an opportunity before us, the opportunity to have the Gospel enter the lives of our people and the people around us.

Such an opportunity will not present itself again for another half a millennium! Thus, what can your congregation do to celebrate this milestone anniversary? Here are some ideas:

In addition to having a strong in-reach focus at your church – striving to learn the teachings of our Lord, you can also have an outreach focus – desiring to connect people to Jesus and His life-giving waters.

If your church is not yet active regarding the 500th anniversary of the Reformation, how can you become active?

First contact your pastor and elders to see if there are any plans to acknowledge this anniversary. If so, you can offer your service. If not, consider forming a committee to begin this task of Reformation planning. If you personally would not feel adequate for that role, you could forward this information onto several persons whom you think might, encouraging them!

What are some potential in-reach and outreach ideas your church could do in addition to Divine Services and Bible studies?

Click here for a printable PDF of In-reach and Outreach ideas!

Our enthusiasm at our church is sparked by this reality: This is more than a “once in a life-time” event, a centennial is often a once-in-an-every-other-lifetime event. Furthermore, the next millennial anniversary won’t happen for another 500 years! So please, join in our enthusiasm and celebrate at your church to share the Gospel (Jesus Himself!).

Please comment below to share your ideas!

Blessings on this Reformation 2017 to you and yours!