“Christ in Our Homes” begins Sunday, June 19
meeting weekly from 9:30-10:30 am

A new Bible Study is beginning at Bethlehem called, “Christ in Our Homes.” Unlike several LCMS congregations who find themselves aging, with almost no children in attendance on a Sunday morning, we have a unique opportunity in our midst. Here at Bethlehem, we are teeming with children. This is a blessing! Yet, like all other LCMS churches, whether their congregation primarily consists of the aged, or whether theirs is a fairly “young” church, we all have a similar need for Christ. We need His Gospel, and we all desire to be faithful to our Lord in our daily lives.

This Bible study is designed to be a kind of support group for parents, certainly an encouragement. Parenting can be very hard. We often as parents can feel like a fish out of water, like we don’t know what we’re doing. After all, in Scripture we don’t have it written out “step 1, step 2, step 3, this is how you should parent.” So when we become parents it can seem all new and sometimes hopeless.

This is where “Christ in Our Homes” comes in. We need one another as the Body of Christ. It’s helpful to get through life with our Christian family. In this class, we hope to be able to sincerely and honestly talk with one another to share our joys and concerns as parents and care givers. Even more than this, we will go to God’s Word together. Even when there are no easy answers, in God’s Word we find comfort and assurance as it shapes us according to the will of Christ.

First, we will read through Luke’s Gospel and the Acts of the Apostles. Then, Lord willing, we will read through Luther’s Large Catechism (an excellent resource for applying God’s Word to daily life). The goal of our reading is that Jesus’ life would then translate into our family lives. In addition to bonding together as Christ’s body and reading His Word, we can pray for one another, supporting each other in this task of raising children. Finally, “Christ in Our Homes” hopes to offer practical tips each week for raising our children in the Lord.

Join us beginning this Father’s Day – a perfect day to rekindle, or to be further encouraged in this task of parenting that is one of the hardest tasks on earth. Come join us from 9:30-10:30 am! Your children are welcome to attend Sunday school while we meet, or certainly they are allowed to join our class. We will be meeting in a room that is very kid-friendly.

We are blessed with a “young” congregation. “Christ in Our Homes” is a class intended to support our marriages and families at Bethlehem. It is also intended to support any full-time caregivers of children, such as grandparents, and also especially any single parents in our midst. We are all in this together, as the saying goes. In this class, we will strive to really live out being the Body of Christ, truly connecting with one another as we strive to grow in our relationships in our families, being faithful to God as He has certainly been faithful to us.

June 19th, this Father’s Day, we hope to see you there! Let’s have Jesus be in our homes; we need Him! God bless us toward this end!