• Who:  YOU!
  • What:  Wholistic Dance Class
  • When:  Saturdays from 9-10:30am, beginning June 18
  • Where:  Fellowship Hall (potentially outdoors)
  • Why:  Why not?
  • How Long:  6-12 week class
  • Led by:  Tessa Priem

What you will need

comfortable shoes or you can go barefoot, water if desired, a towel or yoga mat for abdominal work

Purposes of class

to exercise our whole person, physically & emotionally; for community, building a togetherness of women from all generations; to promote holistic health outside of class; to possibly do a group project

Objectives of each class

to socialize, pray, and breathe, to move with ease—not unnecessarily tensing the muscles, to de-stress from life and to find emotional therapy through creative and meaningful movement, to provide theological reflection, to work on our core, balance, strength, and flexibility, to incorporate a variety of dance forms (Ballet, modern dance, floor work, etc), to enjoy being together working on our unique and individual bodies, to offer 1st Article guidance and encouragement throughout the class on exercise, diet, spiritual health, and so on


The curriculum will build each week, adding onto the previous week. With aging and ailing bodies from the Fall, we strive to be gradual and attentive to each person’s individual movement needs. If any of you know a member of the church, or non-member, who is a physical therapist, it would be nice to invite them to this class for their helpful feedback and input!

A print-friendly document of answers to some common (and not-so-common!) questions is available here.   

“This class is a very big deal, my first class in over six years. THANK YOU for coming, or considering to come to it! I look forward to sharing with you my bit of knowledge and experience in dance. I look forward to growing in closer relationship with you as the body of Christ (we’re family!). And by God’s mercy, I hope we can all enjoy this class together and it be a blessing to us all 🙂 Speak with me after Divine Service if you have questions, or feel free to email me.” –Tessa

Tessa1Tessa’s Personal Dance Background

Tessa Priem has been dancing since the age of five. She began with tumbling, tap, jazz, and ballet and has only dabbled in pointe. Throughout the years she’s gained lots of experience in dance performance, choreography, and teaching. She majored in dance performance in 2005, studying largely modern dance and danced professionally with a small company in St. Louis for 5 plus years. During that time she had the opportunity to train with choreographers from around the United States and perform in their pieces. Tessa’s last performance was over six years ago, when her oldest son was in the womb.

Since then, Tessa has been through severe mental and physical troubles, losing over 20% of her body mass and nearly losing the ability to walk due to severe weakness/illness. It has only been the past two years that dance has again entered her life very gradually.

Tessa’s body and spirit are still healing from illness/chronic conditions, and interestingly she finds that dance is an important factor in her continued healing. Put short and simple: it makes her happy. And for that reason, and more, it’s important that she keep doing it!