Media cloud, VLADGRIN/Shutterstock.comOne of the major components of the Reformation that produced the Lutheran church in the 1500's was the invention of the printing press and the dramatic increase in accessibility of written material. We live in a similar time today where rapid technological progress has made it possible to access information in entirely new ways. Like in the Reformation, the church is taking advantage of those media to spread God's Word, and you can find any number of quality Christian. Here are some examples.

If you're in the mood for music that's not just about sex and drugs, you can turn your good ol' fashioned radio to 97.3FM, 92.3FM, or 91.9FM for some contemporary Christian music; you can use your latest-greatest technological device to access for some good ol' fashioned hymns.

If you want something more educational, Worldview Everlasting and TheLutheranSatire are YouTube channels created by Lutheran pastors to help teach the faith. Pastor Fisk at Worldview Everlasting will keep you on your toes with his over-caffeinated pace, and Pastor Fiene's Lutheran Satire will make you laugh and think. For a more mellow conversation, you can also sample the standard talk radio format of for some Christ-centered, cross-focused "talk radio for the thinking Christian" (as they like to say).

There are also some really comprehensive online Lutheran resources. has games, activities, and devotions for kids. has men's ministry resources from grill recipes and big fish bulletin board, to video Bible studies and devotional blog articles. (You can find even more stuff like international mission work opportunities and The Lutheran Hour on the parent site A similar resource for women can be found at The LCMS website itself,, has a lot of great resources for news, a Christian encyclopedia, Bible studies, digital versions of the Lutheran Confessions, and search engine for LCMS congregations that's good for planning where to go to church when you travel. You can also browse to shop online for all your Lutheran Christian bookstore needs.

You can even access the Scripture itself digitally with online Bibles such as that allow you to search for key words and rapidly compare a host of translations. Another option,, offers the ability to even use Greek and Hebrew dictionaries to look at the Scriptures in the original languages! Bible apps like YouVersion can be downloaded to your phone and tablet with similar features, providing an easy way to take the Bible with you everywhere you go.

If you have a favorite Christian media source you would like to share, leave a comment and let everyone know about it!