herb1wGenesis 2:15 describes one of the major roles that God created mankind to fill in His creation. We were not made to isolate ourselves from the earth, nor to exploit the earth, but to care for it. As we know, Adam and Eve failed in their calling, disobeying God, and in the process making that calling difficult for the rest of us. We are still called, however, to work in God’s creation and care for it, and there are many ways we can do that.

One of the ways we work the land and care for it is in our yards. This year our community gardening project includes an herb garden on the backside of the wooden footbridge in front of the church. You can swing by after church this Sunday and see how the richness and diversity of plant life God created can create exciting opportunities such as landscaping with plants that are not only beautiful, but fragrant and delicious as well. Work is still ongoing, and not all the plants are marked yet, but some of the varieties you can see (and sample!) are…

  • Basil – essential for Italian cooking, goes great with tomatoes and cheese
  • Chamomile – flowers make the most soothing tea
  • Chives – gives some kick to baked potatoes or anything you want to give a mild oniony flavor
  • Lemon Balm – Just like it sounds, a nice lemony flavor for tea or adding some zip to a salad
  • Lovage – tastes like celery and can go in anything you would put celery in, essential for Romanian cuisine
  • Oregano – Hearty, robust flavor great with Italian food or rustic dishes like pot roast
  • Parsley – mild flavor adds depths to more subtle dishes, often used as a garnish
  • Pineapple sage – loses its flavor when cooked, but works great fresh in fruit salad or green salads
  • Tricolored sage – rich and savory, it works great with fattier dishes like pork chops, cheese, and sausage
  • Stevia – naturally sweet and calorie free, and much more potent than sugar

Once the plants are established they will be open for harvesting in small quantities. In the meantime, come and experience the diversity, beauty, and utility of God’s creation and get some ideas for interesting ways we can be stewards of that creation.